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bloom workshop for creatives

We understand-- it's scary to invest in yourself, especially as a lot of us are moms, wives, friends, sisters, daughters...you know, women with personal lives in addition to our businesses! You've probably put yourself on the back burner, and we totally get it. We have walked through those seasons, but what we've found is that when we put time and care into our passions and business, we are more fulfilled to care for those we love around us, because now you've got the tools to succeed and slow the hustle. We understand that a lot of thought goes into making an investment, like attending a workshop, so we wanted to set your hearts at ease.

- Are you nervous that investing in your business might not give you the return on investment that you were hoping for?
- Are you scared to come alone?
- Do you feel like a fraud?
- That the money you spend to come join us at a workshop will be money down the drain?
- Do you feel it's irresponsible to invest in a business that's still a dream inside your head?

We understand the validity to all of these questions! We've bought online courses that have turned out to be disappointing and attended workshops or conferences that were so not worth the money, which is why we make sure Bloom is NOT one of those experiences for our attendees. Through 4 years of hosting our workshops, we've never had anyone experience buyers remorse. (Insert all the praise hands here!) We attribute that to clearly defining what Bloom is all about and what Bloom is NOT all about. Having these values as a core part of our business model is key to our attendees' experience, the second they walk through our doors.

We thought we'd share those with you here today since a workshop is coming up in November...if you'd rather just skip to the bottom to watch the video to hear from attendees' themselves, we won't be offended ;)

bloom bash dallas
bloom bash dallas
the bloom workshop

+ Handing Creatives who have identified their passions simplified, practical tools to help your business succeed. Want to learn how to blog (maybe even thinking of blog post topics is overwhelming!) or how to engage your ideal audience on social media? What about how to design and execute a styled photo shoot and how to get those beautiful detail shots? We’ll tell you how to do it, then you get to practice it right then and there.

+ Gathering Creatives under one roof to learn, encourage and push each other. We're all about community.

+ Becoming a well-rounded creative business owner.

+ Photographers will learn the principles and importance of styling, while stylists will learn how to use their cameras. Honing all of these skills is what takes you from good to GREAT; making you even more desirable to potential clients and customers.

+ Giving away our knowledge. We’re open books! (Just watch our video below!)

+ Hands-on inspiration and skill training. We have you work in different mediums (hello floral arranging and calligraphy!) so your current work and skill sets are only made better.

+ Making you feel heard and encouraged. Also, swag. Have you seen our gift boxes? ;)

+ Hard work. Creating beauty.

the bloom workshop

- Sitting back and merely listening to speeches by teachers who seem to be so far beyond you. Nope! We like grounded, down-to-earth people over here.

- Furiously taking notes, then ditching them once you’re home and never implementing the good stuff. This is why our sessions are interactive and hands-on! We teach, you take notes… then we give you time to work on what we taught right then and there while we circle the room, encouraging discussions and brainstorm sessions with your table mates. One of our favorite things to do is help come up with business and blog ideas for our attendees!

- Overly emotional sessions. If that's your thing, that's great! But our main goal is equipping our gals with practical tools and inspiration.

- Thinking success comes from a lucky break. Maybe something happens to push you along, but we believe that it’s your hard work that gets you where you are!

Enough talk from us...we'll let you hear from our attendees from our first Bloom Bash Dallas in October of 2017. Thank you Nicole Cole Photo for capturing our workshop so well.

Want to join us? There's only a couple of tickets left for our November 5-6th workshop at The White Sparrow Barn just outside of Dallas!