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We’re Ashley and Michaela,

the team you turn to when you’re ready to effectively grow your business and make time for the things that matter. 

You know what you’re passionate about, but how do you turn that passion into a bountiful business and brand? We believe in giving you allll the tools you need, without holding anything back, to become a well-rounded creative business owner.


We’ve Been There, Done That.

When we think back on all the mistakes we made, smoke and mirror marketing tricks, wasted time and energy poured into what our blog and websites should look like, not to mention all the late nights, we’re exhausted all over again.

When we say we know how you’re feeling, we really do!

So, we created a workshop we would have wanted—both purposeful and practical. After navigating those early years and coming out on the other side, both running successful businesses, we just knew we had to create an experience that would help bypass all the growing pains of the beginner business and launch creative women, like yourself, into success without feeling overwhelmed and ready to quit before even beginning. 


We’ve walked side by side with over 400 workshop attendees over the past 5 years, then seen them skyrocket in bookings, sales, and efficiency, as well as mastering their social media, blogging, and improving their creative skill sets, too.

And now? 




bloom workshop founders

And just who are we?

Accidental Friends turned Business Partners

It all started in 2012 when Ashley moved to Northern California with her husband, where Michaela currently lived. With nowhere to go on Easter Sunday, Michaela reached out and invited them to church and Easter dinner. We had been avid readers of one another’s blog for a couple years (we always say blogging is like e-harmony for friends) and soon after that meeting, we became fast friends. Michaela was finishing up interior design school and preparing to launch her design business, while Ashley had just launched her photography business.


We shared the woes of startup, being new creative entrepreneurs and juggling our personal lives. Both of our inboxes were flooded on the daily with eager Creatives wanting to know how we started our blogs, grew our social media accounts, and were securing our ideal clients. 


Fast forward to 2014 after we both had a few years of business under our belts and after many more reader emails— we had a light-bulb moment! 

We decided to launch The Bloom Workshop, an in-person event where we could gather to help other creative women in business who were in the same shoes as we were.

What we wanted were practical tools that actually worked (hey, imagine that?!), like-minded gals to bounce ideas off of, while guiding us through the trenches, and a network of other passionate Creatives who could inspire and encourage us on our journey.

So, we are giving YOU exactly what we wish WE had.

We are head-over-heels in love with teaching and equipping women like you, who are either in the pre-launch stage or the first few years of business. We’ve done the hard work for you and are here to walk you through how to grow and sustain your thriving business. Skip the online course, impersonal and salesy webinars, and come get hands-on, interactive experience and  all the goodness we have in store for you that will turn you into a well-rounded creative business owner.


PSST! Our two-day workshop is the equivalent of a 30 day course!

Plus you get swag and one-on-one attention (and who doesn’t love that?!)



Meet the founders


+ Mom of three boys under 5 and totally feelin' you working mamas out there.

+ Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal. #shiplap for days

+ Always chasing an empty inbox. Fueled by coffee, Jesus and an unhealthy amount of Sour Patch Kids.

+ Favorite summer pastime: growing my vegetable and cut flower garden.

+ Based in Michigan, but raised in the south (roll tide roll!)

+ Fine art film photographer at Ashley Slater Photography with a love for chasing light and creating stunning imagery.


+ Wife to a computer engineer (hey, opposites attract!) and fur mama to our Australian Labradoodle, Lincoln.

+ Chronic bookshelf styler.

+ Lover of beauty, recipient of grace.

+ Snail mail is my love language.

+ Morning drink? Cream caramel decaf tea with a spoonful of honey, please!

+ California born and raised, but currently living in the mitten state and missing the sunshine.

+ Residential interior designer & design blogger at Michaela Noelle Designs with a passion for people and the life that happens in the houses they call home.

what bloom’s about

+ Handing Creatives who have identified their passions simplified, practical tools to help your business succeed. Want to learn how to blog (maybe even thinking of blog post topics is overwhelming!) or how to engage your ideal audience on social media? What about how to design and execute a styled photo shoot and how to get those beautiful detail shots? We’ll tell you how to do it, then you get to practice it right then and there.

+ Gathering Creatives under one roof to learn, encourage and push each other.

+ Becoming a well-rounded creative business owner.

+ Photographers will learn the principles and importance of styling, while stylists will learn how to use their cameras. Honing all of these skills is what takes you from good to GREAT; making you even more desirable to potential clients and customers.

+ Giving away our knowledge. We’re open books!

+ Hands-on inspiration and skill training. We have you work in different mediums (hello floral arranging and calligraphy!) so your current work and skill sets are only made better.

+ Making you feel heard and encouraged. Also, swag. Have you seen our gift boxes? ;)

+ Hard work. Creating beauty.

What Bloom's Not About

- Sitting back and merely listening to speeches by teachers who seem to be so far beyond you. Nope! We like grounded, down-to-earth people over here.

- Furiously taking notes, then ditching them once you’re home and never implementing the good stuff. This is why our sessions are interactive and hands-on! We teach, you take notes… then we give you time to work on what we taught right then and there.

- Thinking success comes from a lucky break. Maybe something happens to push you along, but we believe that it’s your hard work that gets you where you are!


frequently asked questions

+ How many hours of education I'm getting at a two day workshop?

14 hours of education over the course of our two day workshop.

+ What mindset shifts will I have after attending?

- From overwhelmed to holding an action plan in hand
- From thinking you have to do it all to be successful to knowing which facets you need to focus on
- From not feeling confident in camera or styling abilities to feeling like you have tools to use to get better, more aesthetically pleasing photos.
- From feeling alone in this business ownership life to feeling like you have friends and supporters-- even people to collaborate with in the creative industry!

+ What all will I walk away with?

A working mission statement, ideal client profile, idea of your brand, words to describe your brand, 4 benefits of why you should be blogging, knowledge on how to start your blog (everything from the backend to design and direction you should take depending on your business), blog post topic ideas & brainstorm time, what an aesthetically pleasing website has, knowledge on how to use different forms of social media and why you should be using them for your business (we’ll dive deep into Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, including hands-on practice within the apps), ways to engage your ideal audience & tips that help you get more engagement, how to use your camera in manual, how to style detail shots with the correct lens & practice actually doing it, how to style flat lay invitation suites & practice doing it, the principles of design, how to stay creative in a pinterest-obsessed world, our process on how to design and execute a styled photo shoot, how to get published and why it’s important, how to give our clients and customers a great client experience, the art of creating floral arrangements from our expert teacher & create an arrangement for yourself, knowledge on calligraphy and practice using the techniques, time to style and photograph our styled shoot & beautiful photos to use of it in your portfolio, headshots for your website or social media, time to interact with our teachers and speakers, table talk where you’ll dive into discussions with your table mates, social media and website critiques with a little constructive criticism, one-on-one time with us to brainstorm business ideas & so we get to know your story, lots of gifts and goodies so you know how valued you are, delicious food and treats throughout. That about covers it ;)