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Why & How to Create Your Own Instagram Landing Page

A couple of days ago while we were on Instagram, we got a notification saying we had a link that wasn't allowed in our profile. The only link in our profile was our Link Tree URL, which (if you aren't familiar) is a platform that allows you to put all of your important and mentioned links on one page since you only get one URL in your profile. We loved and had been using this service for a while now, but when the notification popped up, we got to thinking: why would we want to use a third-party service like Link Tree, when we could be directing people to our own websites, which is where we actually want them to land?! Besides, though the URL issue is fixed now, you never know when Instagram will decide to not allow the link again. 

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5 Great Ways to Use Instagram Story Highlights

While we were decking the halls and gearing up to celebrate the holidays, Instagram launched one of the biggest features of 2017: Instagram story highlights.

Businesses and brands are loving this feature, and we aren’t surprised! There is finally a way to save and highlight content that you don’t want disappearing after 24 hours. So whether you are a brand specialist who wants to showcase your latest projects, or a food blogger who would love to keep a step-by-step recipe showcased for more than a day, Instagram collections is a great way to stay organized and highlight what you’d like your followers to see!

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